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1. What is included with the kit?

The Tower Garden™ itself, pump, timer, ph tester kit, nutrients, seed starter kit (with seeds) and a DVD. The company changes the seeds from time to time, but at the time of this writing you can expect a selection that may include Basil, tomatoes, cucumber, gourmet lettuce, and eggplant. You will start your seeds in the rockwool (natural rock fiber seeding cubes). You can purchase more seeds from the company or one of the many seed companies and grow what you like to eat.

2. Where can I obtain a Tower Garden™?

Tower Gardens can be purchased online www.faiths.towergarden.com or by calling 916-212-2782.

3. Where can I find some interesting seeds other than those included with the kit?

I have several places where I buy seeds, and there are many other seed companies online. Any seed company that sells heirloom and non-gmo seeds can help you. For example, here are several I have purchased seeds from: Botanical Interests, www.botanicalinterests.com, phone 877-821-4340; Johnnys Selected Seeds (an employee owned company), www.johnnyseeds.com, phone 877-564-6697 or American Meadows seeds, www.americanmeadows.com, phone 877-309-7333.

4. It was mentioned that a PH Test kit comes with the hydroponic kit.
Why would I need a PH Test Kit?

To keep the PH balanced in the water. A color strip comes with the kit and when you take a small amount of water into the provided glass tube and put the test drops in, you will compare the water color with the color on the strip showing that it is in the balanced PH range. If the color is not within the desired range, you will need to balance the water and will add either PH+ or PH– to move it the proper direction on the color sample scale. The PH+ and PH– solutions come with your kit.

5. What water source do I use to fill my garden’s water basin?

Fill the water basin with as pure water as you can. This can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Use your lawn hose and fill four five-gallon buckets and let them sit in the sun for 48 hours to clear the chlorine out of the water.
  2. An easier method is to buy a Drinking Water Hose (5/8 “ diameter) and a two pack of RV Water Filters. The filter package indicates each filter will last up to three months. Since they are intended for RV use, they should last much longer for the occasional filling of the hydroponic basin that we do. I bought my Tastepure RV Water Filters at Walmart in the Automotive Section. I use an attachment to my outside spigot that allows me to hook up two hoses - one is green for lawn watering and the other is the white Drinking Water Hose.
  3. Buy purified water sold in grocery stores, Target, Walmart, etc. by the gallon.
  4. Purify or filter your tap water.

6. What can I do if I live in a cold climate?

There are accessories available to heat the water and bundle up the Tower. You can also grow many plants inside by adding the grow light accessory.